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“Krys-And” company has been in the bakery and confectionery industry for over 30 years. It is one of the largest private bakery-confectionery complexes in the region. It is an established brand name among the clients and has a stable position on the market. It has over 200 product items in its offer which are distributed to small individual vendors as well as big chains of supermarkets such as: ALMA, BSS, Carrefour, E.Leclerc, Piotr i Pawe? and Polo Market.

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Since 2002 "Krys-And" has been using additional distribution channel – their own chain of specialized shops called "Houses of Bread". There are currently 32 such shops located throughout the region, in Bydgoszcz, Toru?, Che?mno, Che?m?a, Szubin and Koronowo. Yet another group of clients are franchised shops and shops with agreements on sponsorship.

For many years now "Krys-And" bakery has been well known for using cutting edge technology and many innovative cross-regional solutions. Such us:

  • we were first to devise and introduce army aimed bread with expiry date of one year.
  • we were first in Bydgoszcz to introduce in-shop baked buns.
  • we are also known for our sandwiches which are highly regarded among clients.

Currently "Krys-And" bakery is probably the only Polish producer of the ready-cooked dinner meal "Kujawski Pie". Wholesale outlets and supermarket chains are already interested in that product.

Constant introducing of new products made with the use of innovative technology is possible thanks to highly skilled professional employees and their cooperation with research facilities in the region. Staff is currently the forte of the company.

In 2010 a new branch of the enterprise has been started – a frozen food division (pizzas, pies and selected kinds of bread and cakes).

Our whole production of bakery, cakes and frozen products is supervised by the HACCP system.

"Krys-And" bakery gives you quality and good taste guaranteed.



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